About ECCU

ECCU 2012 is Presented by the Citizen CPR Foundation

in cooperation with the
American Heart Association
American Red Cross
and the
Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

Supporting Partners
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation

Media Partners
JEMS, Journal of Emergency Medical Services
EMS World

Who attends ECCU?

  • CPR and Public Access Defibrillation Program Coordinators
  • Survivors and community advocates
  • CPR, BLS and ALS instructors
  • Emergency and critical care nurses
  • EMTs, paramedics, dispatchers
  • EMS managers, chiefs, training officers and PIOs
  • Physicians and medical directors
  • Researchers and academicians
  • School nurses
  • Athletic coaches and trainers

Welcome to the Team!

The starting gun explodes and the relay race begins! The athletes accelerate from their starting blocks, taking advantage of their preparation and training to give their team the best chance to succeed.

Cardiac resuscitation is not so different from a team event like this. Our race starts when someone's heart suddenly stops. Our team includes the bystander who calls 911 and starts CPR with the assistance of dispatchers, the first responders who provide early defibrillation, paramedics who incorporate advanced care, and hospital nurses and doctors who continue with innovative techniques like hypothermia. The team also includes educators, program coordinators, survivor advocates, leaders, researchers who coach and mentor those on the frontline, the media, survivors and families. To be successful in consistently winning- saving lives-our team has to work together, coordinating their effort on the scene, and behind the scenes.

ECCU is unique as a conference in representing every member of the resuscitation team. This year we're especially proud to have Dr. Dot Richardson, the beloved Olympic Gold Medal Champion who hit the home run to bring the U.S. softball team first place in the Atlanta Olympics. A gifted and inspiring leader, she'll tell her story of overcoming challenges to pursue excellence, both as an Olympian and now as an orthopedic surgeon in charge of the renowned National Training Center.

Become a champion in our race to save more lives! Please join the team at ECCU 2012 in Orlando this September!

President, Citizen CPR Foundation

History and Mission

The Citizen CPR Foundation(CCPRF) was founded in 1987 to serve as the home for the biennial ECCU Conference. The mission of CCPRF is to save lives from sudden death by stimulating citizen and community action.

Our values are:

CCPRF has three primary supporters: the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. The board consists of representatives from those groups as well as leaders in the field from both nonprofit, educational and commercial organizations.

CCPRF Board of Directors and Committees